VPN Speed

VPN Speed Benchmarks

Last updated: 15-03-2021

Using a VPN tunnel provides privacy and security, but bandwidth will inevitably suffer to some degree. This is unavoidable, since all your network traffic will go through anohter "hop" in th shape of a VPN proxy. The intention of this page is to provide constantly updated speed benchmarks of all the popular VPN providers. This gives you, as a potential user, an impression of what to expect in the speed department.

The actual benchmarking process is automated. This makes it easy to keep the benchmarks up to update. It also makes it possible to scale up the number of VPN providers in the test. Currently, the VPN Speed project is in the "proof of concept"-stage, so only a few free VPN providers are benchmarked.

VPN Actual Speed Speed Index
No VPN 9,56 MB/s 100,0%
ProtonVPN Free 7,57 MB/s 79,1%
VPNBook (Free) 7,52 MB/s 78,6%